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Vol 1 p0355 - 6 Jezrael was the home of strict observers of the Jewish Law. They were not Essenians, however, but Nazarites. ... The Nazarites had long, thick curly hair and beards. I tried to think which of the Apostles looked like them and, at last, I remembered that it was Paul. His hair and garments, when he persecuted the Christians, were in the style of the Nazarites. I saw him afterward, also, with the Nazarites, for he was one of them. ... Jezrael is separated from Nazareth by a mountain range.
Vol 2 p0239 - 40 Aristobolus ... later on was associated to Barnabas. I heard that with the word "brother"; but he was his spiritual brother only. He was a great deal with Paul and Barnabas, and I think he became a bishop of Britany.
Vol 2 p0461 10. Jesus Goes to Giskala, The Birthplace of St. Paul
Vol 2 p0463 Jesus uttered prophetic words to the disciples concerning Giskala. ... the third was living at the very time He was speak­ing. He would pass from hatred to love, would be zeal­ous for the truth, and would convert many to God. This third was Paul, who was born at Giskala, but whose parents afterward removed to Tarsus.
Vol 2 p0463 After his conversion and when journeying to Jerusalem, Paul very zealously preached the Gospel at Giskala.
Vol 2 p0465 - 6 He went into the house in which Paul was born and in which Achias now resided. ... The boy Jephte afterward became a very zealous disciple of St. Thomas.
Vol 3 p0004 This James was as old as Andrew. He is the same that with two other disciples, Cephas and John, once disputed with Paul on the subject of Jewish circumcision. After Jesus' death he became a priest, and was one of the oldest and most distin­guished of the seventy disciples.
Vol 3 p0005 1. This remark of Sister Emmerich throws light upon the second chapter of the Epistle to the Galatians, and agrees with the tradition related by Eusebius. According to this tradition the Cephas of whom St. Paul speaks in this place was not St. Peter; but one of the seventy-two disciples. (Note taken from the first edition of the Life of Our Lord according to Sister Emmerich.)
Vol 3 p0007 All the great female sinners were very quickly and powerfully converted, as was also the sturdy Paul, to whom conversion came like a flash of lightning.
Vol 3 p0152 Antipatris was situated near a little river. ... Antipatris was six hours from the sea. It was Paul's halting place when being led a prisoner to Caesarea.
Vol 3 p0369 I was very much troubled at the little fruit aris­ing from Jesus' great fatigue and labor in Cyprus. It was so small that, as the Pilgrim told me, noth­ing was known of that journey, no mention was made of it in Scripture, not even of Paul and Barnabas' labors there. Then I had a vision concerning it ...
Vol 3 p0492 They were called, also, the secret disciples, and at a later period they were associated with Thomas, John, and Paul.
Vol 3 p0508 - 9 Thirty-five years after Christ's Ascension, Salathiel with his wife and three grown-up sons removed to Ephesus. I saw him there in company with the gold­smith Demetrius, who had once raised an insurrection against Paul, but who was afterward converted. Demetrius gave him a long account of Paul, and narrated the history of his conversion. Paul was not then at Ephesus. Salathiel, his three sons, and Demetrius went to join him. ... Salathiel and his three sons, Demetrius, Silas, and a man named Caius were all in the same ship with Paul when he suffered shipwreck near the island of Malta, and they went with him to the island. From his prison in Rome, Paul assigned to each of the three sons of Salathiel the place in which he was to labor.
Vol 4 p0006 Then He spoke of the youth who was to be first to shed his blood for Him, but without mentioning Stephen by name, and of the conversion of his persecutor, who would afterward do more in His service than many others. Here too, He forbore giving Paul's name.
Vol 4 p0238 Claudia Procla sent back to Pilate his pledge and declared herself released from him. I saw her that same evening secretly leaving his palace and fleeing to the holy women, by whom she was concealed in Lazarus' house. Later on, she followed Paul and became his special friend.
Vol 4 p0461 Paul was not summoned. Those only were called that were related or acquainted with the Holy Family. Peter, Andrew, and John were the first to reach the Blessed Virgin's house. She was already near death.
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