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Vol 1 p0324 - 5 Cleophas is the same to whom, in company with Luke, Jesus appeared at Emmaus.
Vol 2 p0124 Luke did not paint in exactly this way. He used a brush also.
Vol 3 p0164 The son of his father's brother, likewise named Zachary, occupied the house at this time and managed affairs. He was a Levite and an intimate friend of Luke, by whom not long before he had been visited in Jerusalem, and had then heard many particulars of the Holy Family.
Vol 4 p0049 He had five unmar­ried daughters, but only one son, who was a Levite and who had been a friend of Luke before the lat­ter joined the Lord. Heli went with his servants every year to the feast, hired a supper room, and prepared the Paschal meal for people that had no friends in the city.
Vol 4 p0319 There was a field on the roadside, and there I saw Luke gath­ering herbs when, after the Resurrection, he and Cleophas on their way to Emmaus were met by Jesus.
Vol 4 p0378 6. The Disciples Going to Emmaus. Jesus Appears to the Apostles in the Hall of the Last Supper.

Luke had been among the disciples only a short time, but he had, before joining them, received John's baptism. ... The dis­ciples were talking about Jesus' Resurrection and expressing their doubts. Luke and Cleophas, espe­cially, were wavering in faith. As, moreover, the com­mands of the High Priests were again made known, that no one should harbor the disciples of Jesus or supply them with food, both resolved to go together to Emmaus.

Vol 4 p0379 Luke had a leathern pocket. I saw him frequently stepping aside from the road and gathering herbs. ... Luke had not seen the Lord during those last days, and had not been present at His instructions at Lazarus'. He had been more in the disciples' inn at Bethania and with the disciples in Machaerus. He had not long been a declared disciple, though he had always gone around with the rest and was very desirous of knowing what was going on.
Vol 4 p0381 - 2 Cleophas and Luke hurried back at once to Jerusalem. ... All had ranged again for prayer after Peter's instruction when Luke and Cleophas, hurrying back from Emmaus, knocked at the closed doors of the courtyard and received admittance.
Vol 4 p0385 The Apostles went with a troop of disciples, among them Luke, in the direction of Sichar. Peter said joy­fully as they were setting out: "We shall go to the sea and catch fish," by which words he meant souls.
Vol 4 p0387 The Apostles cured many sick persons in Thanath­Silo ... The disciples performed no cures, but they served the others, carrying, lifting, and leading the sick. Luke, who was a physician, now became quite a nurse.
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