Life of Jesus Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerich
Vol 4

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Anne Catherine Emmerich





1. The Last Weeks Before the Passion. Jesus' Discourse in the Temple

A Parable

Jesus Touches on His Passion

Simon Magus

Jesus Scatters the Vendors

"Fifteen Days"

2. Jesus' Solemn Entrance Into Jerusalem

Eremenzear and Silas

Palm Sunday Procession

"The Stones Would Cry Out"

Judas' Dissatisfaction

Jesus' Mantle of Ceremony

Magdalen Repeats Her Anointing of Jesus

The Vine Dresser

The Kingdom of God

Instruction at Lazarus'. Peter Receives a Severe Reprimand

Peter Reprimanded

The Widow's Mite

The Money Box

Jesus Speaks of the Destruction of the Temple

"He That Shall Persevere"

The Last Love Feast

Jesus in Bethania

"Here Will Ye Abandon Me"

3. Jesus' Last Discourse In the Temple




4. Magdalen's Last Anointing

Entertainment at Simon’s

Jesus Carves the Lamb

The Thirty Pieces of Silver

5. The Last Paschal Supper

The Room of the Last Paschal Supper

The Coenaculum

Veronica's House

The Chalice of the Last Supper

Preparation of the Coenaculum

The Paschal Lamb

The Paschal Lamb

"Lord, Is It I?”

6. The Washing of the Feet

Jesus Washes His Apostles' Feet


7. The Institution of the Most Blessed Sacrament

The Most Blessed Sacrament


8. Private Instructions and Consecrations

Chrism, Holy Oils

The Blessed Sacrament

The Mount of Olives

9. Jesus on the Mount of Olives

The Garden of Olives

Sorrow and Anguish

Satan Tempting Jesus

The Sweat of Agony

Mary in Great Anxiety

The Bloody Sweat

Christ, the New Adam

The Scandals of the Ages

Christ, the Son of Man

The Bread of Life

The Presence of the Living God

The Blessed Sacrament

The Blessed Virgin Mary


Scenes of Jesus' Approaching Passion

Mount Olivet

10. Judas and His Band. The Wood of the Cross

Judas Demands Action

Judas Advises the Pharisees

Twenty Soldiers

11. The Arrest of the Lord

"1 Am He"

"Peter, Put Up Thy Sword!"

The Executioners Drag Jesus Along

The Soldiers Drag Jesus through the Cedron

Soldiers Sent to Guard Ophel

Two Compassionate Soldiers aid Jesus

Mary Speechless with Grief

12. Means Taken by Jesus' Enemies for Carrying Out Their Designs. Glance At Jerusalem at this Hour

Wicked People Gather in Jerusalem

The News Spreads

Grief and Terror in Ophel

The Spotless Paschal Lamb

Jesus Before Annas

13. Jesus Before Annas

The Witnesses

The Crowd Insults Jesus

14. Jesus Led From Annas to Caiaphas

The Court of Caiaphas

15. Jesus Before Caiaphas

The Rage of Caiaphas

The Witnesses Disagree

Pasch of the Galileans

Hell's Despair and Fury

The Miscreants Insult Jesus

16. Jesus Mocked and Insulted

The Miscreants Mock Jesus

17. Peter's Denial

"I Know Him Not!"

Peter's Third Denial

18. Mary in the Judgment Hall Of Caiaphas

The Most Afflicted Mother

The Most Afflicted Mother

19. Jesus Imprisoned

Jesus Imprisoned

The Day of Redemption

20. Judas at the Judgment Hall

21. The Morning Trial

Jesus Brought Before the Council

The Despair of Judas

22. The Despair of Judas

The Despair of Judas

23. Jesus is Taken to Pilate

Outrage and Mockery

The People of Ophel

24. The Palace of Pilate and Its Surroundings

Pilate's Palace

25. Jesus Before Pilate

Jesus Before Pilate

Three Charges

The Anointed of the Lord

The Holy Way of the Cross

26. Origin of the Devotion of the "Holy Way of the Cross"

Magdalen's Grief

27. Pilate and His Wife

Claudia Procla

28. Jesus Before Herod

Jesus Before Herod

Herod's Torrent of Questions and Empty Words

Soldiers Mistreat Jesus

29. Jesus Taken From Herod to Pilate

Jesus Is Taken Back to Pilate

The Release of One Prisoner

Pilate Condemns Jesus to Be Scourged

30. The Scourging of Jesus

The Pillar

Jesus Scourged

“Away with Him!"

31. Mary During the Scourging of Jesus

Sister Emmerich Shares Jesus' Agony

32. Interruption of the Visions of the Passion by the Apparition of Saint Joseph Under the Form of a Child

Life of the Church

Life of the Church

The Divine Type

A Beautiful Little Boy

33. Personal Appearance of Mary And of Magdalen

A Short Interval of Rest

34. Jesus Crowned With Thorns and Mocked

Base Inventions of Cruelty

35. “Ecce Homo!”

"Behold the Man!"

“His Blood Be Upon Us!”

Symbolical Contemplations

36. Jesus Condemned to the Death of the Cross

Pilate's Indecision

The Sentence of Condemnation

Pilate Writes Jesus' Sentence

Jesus Resumes His Own Garments

The Cross

37. Jesus Carries His Cross to Golgotha

The Procession of the Crucifixion

The Procession of the Crucifixion

38. Jesus’ First Fall Under the Cross

The Blessed Virgin Mary

39. Jesus, Carrying His Cross, Meets His Most Holy and Afflicted Mother.

His Second Fall Under the Cross

The Most Sorrowful Mother

40. Simon of Cyrene

Jesus' Third Fall Under the Cross

Simon of Cyrene and His Sons

41. Veronica and Her Veil



Jesus Falls the Fourth Time

42. The Weeping Daughters of Jerusalem. Jesus' Fourth and Fifth Falls Beneath the Cross

The Sixth and Seventh Falls

43. Jesus on Golgotha. The Sixth and The Seventh Falls of Jesus. His Imprisonment

The Place of Execution

44. Mary and the Holy Women Go to Golgotha

The Way of the Cross

Jesus is Dragged from the Prison Cave

The Weather

45. Jesus Stripped for Crucifixion And Drenched With Vinegar

Jesus' Garments Are Torn off Him

46. Jesus Nailed to the Cross

Jesus Nailed to the Cross

The Nailing of Jesus' Feet

The Cross Crashes into Place

47. The Raising of the Cross

The Two Thieves

48. The Crucifixion of the Thieves

Jesus' Clothing Is Sold

49. The Executioners Cast Lots For Jesus' Garments

50. Jesus Crucified. The Two Thieves

The Appearance of Jesus

The Soldiers

51. Jesus Mocked. His First Word on the Cross

The Sun Is Obscured

52. The Sun Obscured. The Second and The Third Words of Jesus on the Cross

"Behold, this is thy Mother!"

Fear and Consternation in Jerusalem

53. Jesus Abandoned. His Fourth Word on the Cross

Jesus Abandoned

The Sky Brightens

54. The Death of Jesus. Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Words on the Cross

The Wine Press

"It is Consummated!"

The Death of Jesus

55. The Earthquake. Apparitions of the Dead in Jerusalem

The Earthquake

The Holy of Holies

The Tomb of Zacharias

The Dead Arise

Darkness and Destruction in Distant Places

Evil Spirits

56. Joseph of Arimathea Requests the Body of Jesus from Pilate

Pilate Gives Jesus' Body to Joseph

57. The Side of Jesus Opened. The Legs of the Thieves Broken

Cassius to Fulfill a Prophecy

Preparations for Jesus' Burial

58. Some Localities of Ancient Jerusalem

Ancient Jerusalem

Jesus’ Tomb

59. Garden and Tomb Belonging to Joseph of Arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus

60. The Descent From the Cross

Preparations for Jesus' Burial

Jesus Taken Down from the Cross

61. The Body of Jesus Prepared For Burial

Jesus' Body Prepared for Burial

The Blessed Virgin Anoints the Sacred Wounds

Preparations for the Lord's Burial

A Touching Miracle

A Touching Miracle

62. The Sepulture

The Funeral Procession

The Return from the Burial

63. The Return From the Burial. The Sabbath

Imprisonment of Joseph of Arimathea

64. The Imprisonment of Joseph of Arimathea. The Holy Sepulcher Guarded

The Holy Women

65. The Friends of Jesus on Holy Saturday

The Temple

Mary Visits the Temple

Christ's Descent into Hell

66. Some Words on Christ's Descent Into Hell

The Abode of Pious Pagans

Evil Spirits Prostrate before Jesus

The Release of Souls from Purgatory


1. The Eve of the Holy Resurrection

Angels Guard the Sacred Body

Mary Follows Her Son's Footsteps

The Resurrection

2. The Resurrection of the Lord

The Holy Women

“They Have Taken the Lord from the Tomb!”

Magdalen Beholds the Risen Lord

Cassius Reports the Resurrection to Pilate

3. The Guards Statements

The Jews Purify the Temple

4. The First Love Feast (Agape) After The Resurrection

The First Agape After the Resurrection

The Blessed Sacrament

5. Communion of the Holy Apostles

6. The Disciples Going to Emmaus. Jesus Appears to the Apostles in the Hall of the Last Supper


Pious Celebration

The Risen Lord

“We Shall Catch Fish”

7. The Apostles Preaching The Resurrection


Jesus Appears in Many Places

The Second Love Feast

8. The Second Love Feast (Agape). Thomas Puts His Hand Into the Marks of Jesus' Wounds

Jesus Appears Again

Peter, the Shepherd of the Flock

9. Jesus Appears to the Holy Apostles At the Sea of Galilee

“It Is the Lord!”

The Church Suffering and the Church Militant

“Feed My Sheep”


Jesus Appears in Galilee

10. Jesus Appears to the Five Hundred

Jesus Appears in Galilee

11. Love Feast (Agape) in Bethania And in the House Of the Last Supper. The Destruction Of the Holy Places By the Jews

Peter, the Rock

Destruction of the Holy Places

12. The Majesty and Dignity of the Blessed Virgin

Mary, a Living Tabernacle

13. Increase of the Community

The Community

The Community

14. The Days Immediately Preceding the Ascension

Jesus Takes Leave of Lazarus

Jesus’ Last Love Feast

15. Jesus' Ascension into Heaven

The Day of the Ascension

Jesus' Radiant Ascension

Peter Takes The Lord's Place

16. The Holy Day of Pentecost

The Descent of The Holy Ghost

Peter Imposes Hands on Five Apostles

The Apostles Preaching and Baptizing

17. The Church at the Pool of Bethsaida

The Pool of Bethsaida

The Church at the Pool of Bethsaida

Peter Preaches in the Temple

18. Peter Celebrates the First Holy Mass in the Last Supper Room

Ordination of Six Disciples

First General Communion

19. First General Communion of The New Converts. Choice of the Seven Deacons

Peter Working Miracles

Peter's Miracles


1. The Blessed Virgin Goes with John To the Neighborhood of Ephesus

James the Greater

The Blessed Virgin's House

Mary's Last Days

Mary's Holy Way of the Cross

2. Mary's "Holy Way of the Cross" Near Ephesus. She Visits Jerusalem

The Blessed Virgin Visits Jerusalem

3. The Apostles Arrive to Be Present at the Blessed Virgin's Death

The Apostles Gather for Mary's Death

The Apostles Gather for Mary's Death

The Benediction of the Blessed Virgin

4. Death, Burial, and Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

Preparations for Mary's Burial

The Blessed Virgin's Burial

Discovery of Mary's Assumption

Feast of Mary's Assumption

The Blessed Virgin's House At Ephesus by Robert Larson

List of documents in this Volume
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