Life of Jesus Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerich
Vol 3

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Anne Catherine Emmerich





1. Cornelius the Centurion

Jesus in Capharnaum

Cure of One Possessed

2. Miraculous Cures Wrought by Jesus. His Reasons for Teaching In Parables

Jesus Teaching in the Synagogue

Jesus Teaching and Curing


3. The Raising of the Youth of Naim From the Dead

The Youth of Naim

The Last Chance for Mercy

Question of Divorce

4. Jesus in Mageddo. John's Disciples

Jesus Instructs the Laborers

John's Disciples

John's Messenger

"These Have No Cares"

5. Jesus Leaves Mageddo. Cure of a Leper

Cure of a Leper

The Kingdom of God

Two Lepers

6. Jesus Teaches in the Synagogue of Capharnaum, and Heals Two Lepers

Cure of the Two Lepers

Jesus Instructing for Baptism

7. The Resurrection of the Daughter of Jairus, the Chief of the Synagogue

The Daughter of Jairus


8. Jesus Instructs From His Barque. Call of Matthew

Call of Matthew

Jesus Eats with the Publicans

9. The Final Call of Peter, Andrew, James, and John. Jesus Stills the Tempest on the Lake

Call of "The Four"

Jesus Teaches, Cures, Delivers the Possessed

Jesus Helps All in Need

John the Baptist's Message

10. John the Baptist's Message To the Synagogue. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes

John's Message to the People

Jesus Cures Mary Cleophas

Discourse at Peter's Fishery

Miraculous Draught of Fishes

11. The Sermon on the Mount, Cure of a Paralytic

The Beatitudes

The Ten Commandments

Jairus and His Daughter

12. Jairus and His Daughter. Her Relapse. Cure of a Woman Afflicted With an Issue of Blood, of Two Blind Men, and of a Pharisee

The Cure of Enue

Two Blind Men

A Dumb Devil

13. Cure of a Man with a Withered Hand. "Blessed is the Womb that Bore Thee!"


The Bread and Fish

14. Jesus in Magdala and Gergesa. The Demon Driven into the Swine


Jesus Teaches on Light and Darkness

Two Possessed

Devils Cast into the Swine

Loss of the Swine

A Great Crowd

"Lord, Save Me!"

15. Jesus Cures in Bethsaida and Again Returns to Capharnaum

The Pharisees Inveigh Against Jesus

Jairus' Family

Jesus Inveighs Against the Pharisees

16. The Mission of the Apostles and Disciples

Mission of the Apostles and Disciples


Cure of a Blind Man

17. Jesus In Bethanath, Galgal, Elcese, And Saphet

Jesus Explains Malachias

Jesus at Saphet

Jesus at Saphet

Jesus Goes to Cariathaim

18. Jesus in Cariathaim and Abram

Jesus at Cariathaim

Jesus Goes to Abram

Jesus in Abram

Jesus Instructs on Marriage

Bridal Feast

Jesus Goes to Dothain


1. Jesus Teaching in Azanoth. Second Conversion of Magdalen

Martha and Magdalen


Magdalen Deeply Affected


2. Jesus in Gathepher, Kisloth, and Nazareth

Jesus in Gathepher

Jesus' Playmates in Egypt

Jesus Visits Nazareth

Jesus Leaves Nazareth

3. Jesus' Instruction on the Height Near Thabor, in Sunem

Jesus Cures

Jesus Cures Sick Children

The Holy Women

4. The Beheading of St. John the Baptist

The Daughter of Herodias


The Baptist Beheaded

5. Jesus in Thanath-Silo and Antipatris

Catastrophe in the Holy City

Jesus Cures Michol

Jesus Teaches in Parables

The Grace of Sickness

6. Jesus in Bethoron and Bethania

Jesus in Bethoron

Jesus in Bethania

Inn where the Holy Family Lodged

7. Jesus in Juttah. He Makes Known The Death of John the Baptist

Jesus in Juttah and Hebron

Jesus Discloses John's Death

Jesus Speaking of John

Jesus Teaches in Hebron

“Between the Temple and the Altar”

Jesus Teaching in Juttah


John's Remains

8. St. John's Remains Taken From Machaerus and Buried at Juttah

John's Remains

John's Burial

The Essenians

The Finding of John's Head

9. Jesus in Bethania and Jerusalem. Cure of a Man Sick for Thirty-Eight Years

The Pool of Bethsaida

Cure of the Paralytic

Feast of Three Days

Jesus Curing and Teaching

10. Jesus Delivers Prisoners In Tirzah

Jesus Goes to Tirzah


Jesus Visits Prisoners

Jesus Frees Poor Prisoners

Herod Desires to See Jesus

11. Jesus in Capharnaum and Its Environs

Jesus in Capharnaum

Man with a Withered Hand

The Pharisees

Jesus Instructs the Apostles and Disciples

12. The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Five Loaves and Two Fishes

Feeding the Five Thousand

13. Jesus Walks on the Sea

Jesus Walks on the Sea


14. Jesus Teaches of the Bread of Life

The Bread of Life

The Bread of Life

The Bread of Life

Mary's Vision

15. Jesus in Dan and Ornithopolis

Opposition of the Pharisees

Jesus Healing in Dan

16. The Syrophenician

Jesus Healing in Dan

Jesus Instructs the Apostles and Disciples

The Syrophenician's Feast

The Syrophenician's Feast


Jesus Goes To Gessur

17. Jesus in Gessur and Nobe. Celebration of the Feast of Purim

Jesus in Gessur

Jesus in Nobe

18. Jesus in Regaba and Caesarea-Philippi

Jesus in Regaba

Jesus in Caesarea

Jesus in Caesarea

The Pharisees Reproach Jesus

Jesus and the Pharisees

Jesus Teaches of Prayer

19. Conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount. Feeding of the Four Thousand. The Pharisees Demand a Sign

Jesus Prophesies

Jesus Instructs His Followers

The Scribes

"Thou Art Christ"

20. Peter Receives the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

Peter's Distress

Journeying Onward


1. Jesus in Bethania and Jerusalem

The Herodians Instigate

Jesus' Friends

"Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

2. The Passover in Lazarus' House

The Paschal Supper

The Feast Begins

3. The Rich Glutton and Poor Lazarus

The Rich Glutton

"Father, Render Testimony to Thy Son!" 287

Jesus in Ataroth

4. Jesus in Ataroth and Hadad-Rimmon

Jesus Goes to Hadad-Rimmon

Massacre of the Galileans

Ascent of Mount Thabor

5. The Transfiguration on Mount Thabor.

The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration

The Possessed Boy

Jesus Teaches

6. Jesus in Capharnaum and Its Environs

Jesus in Capharnaum

"Blessed the womb that bore Thee!"

Among the Peasants

Welcome Home Feast


One Must Renounce All Things

7. Jesus Teaching on the Mountain Near Gabara

Crowds Assemble at Gabara

Jesus Teaching the Multitude

Jesus Explains the Law

Jesus Sends the Apostles and Disciples

8. Jesus Journeys Into the Country of Ornithopolis and Thence Takes Ship for Cyprus

The Descendants of Judah

The Lost Sheep of Israel

The Home of the Syrophenician

The Voyage



9. Jesus Teaches in Salamis

Jesus Entertained in Salamis

To the Home of Cyrinus

Activities on the Sabbath

The House of the Elder

10. Jesus Invited to the House of the Roman Commandment in Salamis

Jesus Visits the Roman Commandant

Jesus Visits the Roman Commandant

11. Jesus at the Home of Jonas' Father. Instruction at the Baptismal Well

Jonas the Disciple

Jesus Instructs Jews and Pagans

Jesus Goes to the Jewish City

12. Jesus Goes to the Jewish City


13. The Pagan Priestess Mercuria. The Pagan Literati

The Pagan Literati

Jesus Instructs the Philosophers

Jesus Instructs the Reapers


Jesus Teaching

14. Jesus Teaching in Chytrus

The Arabs

Jesus Among the Miners

Jesus Teaching

15. The Paternal Home and Family of Barnabas. Jesus Teaching in the Environs of Chytrus

Jesus Teaching


Jesus Instructs the Pagans

The Pagan Women's Costume


16. Jesus in the City of Mallep

Jesus in Mallep

A Verdant Valley

17. Jesus Teaching Before the Pagan Philosophers. He Attends A Jewish Wedding


The Kingdom of God

The Village of Leppe

Wedding Festivities

Nuptial Ceremony

Wedding Festivities

18. Feast of Pentecost. Jesus Teaches on Baptism


Moses and the Israelites

Vision of the Passage of the Red Sea

Jesus Consoles and Counsels

19. Jesus Delivers a More Severe Lecture in the Synagogue

Jesus Exhorting and Reconciling

Jesus Exhorting and Warning

Jesus Goes to the Mines

20. Jesus Visits the Mines Near Chytrus

News of a Revolt in Jerusalem

Jesus in a Mining District

21. Jesus Goes to Cerynia, and Visits Mnason's Parents

Mnason and His Family

Jesus Goes to Cerynia

Jesus Heals

Jesus Instructs Jewish Women

22. Departure From Cyprus

Jesus Cures a Blind Child

Mercuria and Her Little Girls

The Fast-bound Ships

Jesus Journeying to Capharnaum

23. Jesus Goes from Misael, The Levitical City, Through Thanach, Naim, Azanoth, And Damna to Capharnaum

Jesus Journeying to Capharnaum

Jesus Inveighs Against the Pharisees

The Holy Women

Jesus Answers the Pharisees

Jesus and His Friends

Jesus and Mary

24. Arrival of the Apostles and Disciples in Capharnaum

The Disciples Relate Their Labors

Jesus Cures Sick Children

Jesus Encourages the Disciples

The Disciples' Thoughts Regarding Jesus

Jesus Silences Peter by a Look

"He is More Than a Prophet"

Jesus Teaches of the Messiah


25. Jesus Instructs the New Disciples Upon Prayer and the Eight Beatitudes

Jesus Consoles His Mother

Jesus Teaching

The Field of Jacob's Place

"David's Way"

"David's Way"


1. Jesus in Bethabara and Jericho. Zacheus the Publican

Mary Salome's Request

"Herod, the Fox"

Jesus Dines with the Apostles

The Enraged Pharisees

Ten Lepers

Jesus with the Shepherds

2. Jesus on the Way to Bethania. The Raising of Lazarus


"Lazarus, Come Forth!"


Into the Land of the Three Kings

3. Jesus Begins the Journey Into the Land of the Three Holy Kings

An Extraordinary Journey

Journey toward Egypt

The Journey

4. Jesus in Cedar

Jesus in Cedar

A Wedding Feast

Jesus Goes to Sichar-Cedar

5. Jesus Goes to Sichar-Cedar and Teaches Upon the Mystery of Marriage

Eliud and His Wife

Jesus Teaches on His Vineyard

Jesus Teaching on Marriage

Jesus Speaks of the Vineyard

Jesus Teaching on Marriage

The Holy Mystery

Jesus Raises a Dead Man to Life

The Soul of Nazor

Admonitions on Marriage

Jesus Journeys toward the Tent City

6. Jesus Reaches the First Tent City of the Star Worshippers

Meal in the Tent

Nocturnal Celebration of the Star Worshippers

The Idolatrous Celebration

Jesus Instructs the Pagans

Jesus Encounters a Pastoral Tribe

Jesus Instructs the Pagans

A Wonderful Globe

Jesus Instructs the Pagans

Abolition of Idol Worship

Jesus and His Young Companions

Jesus Continues His Journey to the Tent City of the Kings

A Fruitful Region

7. Jesus Ceremoniously Escorted by Mensor to his Tent Castle

The Tent City

Mensor Salutes Jesus

A Tent Castle

Jesus Declares Himself the Messiah

Representation of the Crib

8. Jesus in the Temple of the Kings. Feast of the Apparition of the Star.

A Memorial Feast

St. Serena, Martyr

Jesus Instructs Priests and Kings

A Symbol of Holy Communion

A Royal Stranger

Arrival of the Leader of a Strange Tribe

Jesus Leaves the Tent City

9. Jesus Leaves the Tent city of The Kings, and Goes to Visit Azarias, The Nephew of Mensor, in the Settlement of Atom

A Pastoral Settlement

Satan's Power Fails

The Wonderful Cure of Two Sick Women


Baptism of Desire

10. Jesus Goes to Sikdor, Mozian, and Ur

The Garden Enclosed

Jesus Enters a City

Jesus Travels to Ur; or Urhi

Jesus Leaves Ur

"Holy People"

11. Jesus Goes to Egypt, Teaches in Heliopolis, and Returns to Judea Through the Desert


Jesus Stops at a City in the Wilderness

The Feast of Easter

12. Jesus

Jesus in Sichem

Jesus at the River Jordan

Jesus Curing

Jesus in Capharnaum

The Apostles Welcome Jesus

13. Jesus Goes to Bethania

Jesus Casts Out a Devil

Jesus Teaching and Curing

Jesus in Ephron

List of documents in this Volume
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