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Vol 1 p0342 Six men who were coming from the baptism of John met Jesus. Among them were Levi, known later as Matthew
Vol 1 p0357 Rich publicans lived here who rented many tolls in the country and again leased the same to under-collectors. Matthew was one of these latter tax gatherers, but belonging to another place.
Vol 1 p0366 Alpheus, her first hus­band, was a widower with one son when she mar­ried him. This stepson was named Matthew. She wept bitterly when she spoke of him, for he was a publi­can.
Vol 1 p0367 Of Matthew, whom He had already seen when on His way to Sidon, He spoke words of com­fort, foretelling that he would one day be one of His best disciples.
Vol 1 p0420 Many publicans had come to John. He had baptized them and spoken to them upon the state of their conscience. Among them was the publican Levi, later called Matthew ... . Levi was deeply touched by John's exhortations, and he amended his life.
Vol 2 p0037 The sons of Mary Cleophas, Peter, James the Greater, and his brother John had already arrived from Gennabris with others of the future disciples. Chased (Nathanael), Thomas, Bartholomew, and Matthew, however, were not present.
Vol 2 p0063 Not quite an hour north­ward from the lake was Bethsaida-Julias. Great Corozain was a couple of hours east of the lake, and there dwelt Matthew the Publican.
Vol 3 p0041 Call of Matthew ... But Jesus said: "Matthew, arise, and follow Me!" Then Matthew arose, saying that he would instantly and joyfully abandon all things and follow Him. ... Thaddeus, Simon, and James the Less were partic­ularly rejoiced at his coming. They and Matthew were half brothers. ... Matthew was a married man with four children. He joyfully imparted to his wife the good fortune that had fallen to him, as well as his intention to abandon all and follow Jesus, and she received the announcement with corresponding joy. ... Since his acquaintance with Jesus on the way to Sidon, he had received John's baptism and regulated his whole life most conscientiously.
Vol 3 p0042-3 "How can you tolerate your Master's making Himself so familiar with sinners and publicans?" ... It was on the occasion of their leaving table that the Pharisees approached the dis­ciples, and then occurred the speeches and objec­tions narrated in the Gospel of Luke 5:30-39.
Vol 3 p0043 Matthew had formerly been called Levi, but now he received the name of Matthew.
Vol 3 p0049 Matthew had delivered the cus­tom house to a man belonging to the fishery. Since his reception of John's baptism, he had carried on his business in an altogether blameless manner.
Vol 3 p0067 Jesus with rapid steps accompanied Jairus to his house. Peter, James, John, Saturnin and Matthew were with Him. ... Jesus left Saturnin and Matthew with the people in the forecourt, while accompanied by Peter, James, and John, the father, the mother, and the grandmother, He entered the room in which the dead girl lay. It was a different room from the first time.
Vol 3 p0072 These latter were reproaching Jesus, ask­ing Him how He could make His appearance with a publican like Matthew.
Vol 3 p0114-5 as did also Andrew and Matthew. ... The two Apostles related how things had gone with them, how all had pros­pered with them, namely, healing, exorcising, preach­ing, and baptizing. ... Between twenty and thirty Jews were baptized, among them those that had come hither with Andrew and Matthew.
Vol 3 p0461-2 One of Joseph of Arimathea's nephews arrived here from Jerusalem with the news that Lazarus was sick. Jesus kept with Himself only the Apostles Peter, James, John, Matthew, and some of the disciples, with whom He went to Matthew's custom office and thence by sea to Dalmanutha.
Vol 3 p0486 Before daybreak Jesus, accompanied by John and Matthew, who had girded up their garments some­what differently from their usual custom, started from Bethania for Jerusalem. They went around the city and, taking byroads, reached the house in which later on the Last Supper was celebrated. There they remained quietly the whole day and the next night, Jesus instructing and confirming His friends of the city. ... Jesus passed the whole night till early next morning in the house on Mount Sion. Before day He left Jerusalem with Matthew and John and fled across the Jordan, not by the route He had formerly taken on the side of Bethabara, but by another off to the northeast.
Vol 3 p0489 Matthew returned home for awhile. He was a mar­ried man. His wife was a very virtuous person and, since Matthew's vocation, they had lived in perfect continency. He was to teach in his own home, and quietly put up with the contempt of his former asso­ciates.
Vol 4 p0007 James the Greater and one of the disciples were sent to the pagan regions north of Capharnaum. Thomas and Matthew were dispatched to Ephesus, in order to prepare the country where at a future day Jesus' Mother and many of those that believed in Him were to dwell. They wondered greatly at the fact of Mary's going to live there.
Vol 4 p0022 She went behind the Lord's couch, broke a little flask of pre­cious balm over His head and poured some of it upon His feet, which she again wiped with her hair. That done, she left the dining hall. Several of those pre­sent were scandalized, especially Judas, who excited Matthew, Thomas, and John Mark to displeasure.
Vol 4 p0061 As far as I can remember, John, James the Greater, and James the Less stood on Jesus' right; then came Bartholomew, still on the right, but more toward the narrow end of the table; and round the corner at the inner side stood Thomas, and next to him Judas Iscariot. On Jesus' left were Peter, Andrew, and Thad­deus; then as on the opposite side, came Simon; and round at the inner side, Matthew and Philip.
Vol 4 p0375, 7 Matthew was sent back to Bethania after Peter's discourse, in order there to reproduce, at a similar repast given in the house of Lazarus, the instructions just heard and the cere­monies witnessed. There were many disciples present at this feast. ... Matthew, in the court of Lazarus' house, taught a great many more of the disciples who were not so well instructed as the others. They had the same kind of a meal and went through similar ceremonies.
Vol 4 p0378 Luke had been among the disciples only a short time, but he had, before joining them, received John's baptism. He was present at the love feast and the instruction upon the Blessed Sacrament delivered by Matthew in the evening at Lazarus', in Betha­nia. After the instruction he went, troubled and doubting, to Jerusalem where he spent the night in John Mark's house.
Vol 4 p0406 The rest of the Apostles, many of the disciples, and all the holy women were here, besides the Mother of God and Veronica. Peter's wife and daughter, the wives of Andrew and Matthew were come down from Bethsaida, along with many others. The Apostles and disciples knew that they were all to meet here.
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