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Vol 3 p0400 Jesus recommended them to go to Lazarus, John Mark, the nephews of Zachary, and to the parents of Manahem, the disciple whose sight had been restored.
Vol 3 p0508 With the greater part of the inhabitants of the place, they were baptized by Thaddeus. The Evangelist Mark also was in this region for awhile.
Vol 4 p0001 Jesus put up at the house of Mary Marcus, the mother of John Mark, about a quarter of an hour from the Temple and, so to say, outside the city.
Vol 4 p0020 While Jesus was teaching, some strangers of distinction from Greece (John 12:20-37) dispatched their servants from the inn to ask Philip how they could converse with the Lord without mingling with the crowd. Philip passed the word to Andrew, who in turn transmitted it to the Lord. Jesus replied that He would meet them on the road between the city gate and the house of John Mark when He should have left the Temple to return to Bethania. After this interruption, Jesus continued His discourse.
Vol 4 p0021 It was still bright daylight when Jesus and His followers reached the neighborhood of John Mark's house. Here the Greeks stepped up, and Jesus spoke to them some minutes. The strangers had some women with them, but they remained standing back. These people were converted. They were among the first to join the disciples at Pentecost and to receive Baptism.
Vol 4 p0022 Several of those present were scandalized, especially Judas, who excited Matthew, Thomas, and John Mark to displeasure.
Vol 4 p0022 He hurried to the house of Caiaphas, and spoke a few words at the door. He could not stay long in anyone place. Thence he ran to the house of John Mark. The disciples were wont to lodge there, so Judas pretended that he had come from Bethania for that purpose. This was the first definite step in his treacherous course.
Vol 04 p0029 - 30 The last offering was made by a poor, timid widow. No one could see how much the offering was, but Jesus knew what she had given and He told His disciples that she had given more than all the rest, for she had put into the money box all that she had left to buy herself food for that day. He sent her word to wait for Him near the house of John Mark.
Vol 4 p0034 John Mark's house stood a quarter of an hour outside the gate through which the cattle were led to the cattle market on the north side of the Temple. It was built upon a high hill which, at a later period, was covered with houses. It was from here to Gethsemani one-half hour; and from Gethsemani across the Mount of Olives to Bethania, something less than an hour.
Vol 4 p0043 John Mark's mother went back with her to Bethania, and Veronica accompanied them a part of the way.
Vol 4 p0056 - 57 I remember that John Mark and the son of the poor widow who on the Thursday before, that is, just eight days ago, had offered her mite when Jesus was teaching by the alms box in the Temple, were among them. Jesus had received the youth into the number of His disciples a few days previously. The holy women followed later.
Vol 4 p0125 I saw that the Blessed Virgin, in her trouble and anguish, ... again directed her steps to the Valley of Josaphat. ... I saw Lazarus, John Mark, Veronica's son, and Simeon's son with them.
Vol 4 p0134 They said: "Now will Lazarus and his sisters see with whom they have been dealing. Johanna Chusa, Susanna, Mary, the Mother of John Mark, and Salome will now regret their conduct, but too late!
Vol 4 p0378 Luke ... went, troubled and doubting, to Jerusalem where he spent the night in John Mark's house.
Vol 4 p0389 Thaddeus, James the Less, and Eliud went in their travelling dress, and ahead of the rest, to see the Blessed Virgin and Mary Cleophas at John Mark's.
Vol 4 p0396 - 7 Peter went with John, James the Greater, Thaddeus, Nathanael, John Mark, and Silas, seven in all, to Tiberias, leaving Samaria to the left. ... In the second ship were John, James, John Mark, and Silas.
Vol 4 p0415 The Mother of all was the Blessed Virgin. The Apostles consulted with her, and she was for them like an Apostle herself.

Peter's wife and daughter, Mark's wife, and other women had now come from Bethsaida to Bethania, where they dwelt under tents. They had no commu­nication whatever with the men. They came into the presence of the Apostles only for instruction, and they employed themselves in weaving and twisting long strips of stuff and coarse covers for tents

Vol 4 p0441 The six disciples who now received ordination were thereby advanced to a rank above the disciples, though below that of the Apostles. Mary brought the vestments for them and laid them on the altar. The disciples ordained were Zacheus, Nathanael, Joses Barsabas, Barnabas, John Mark, and Eliud, a son of the aged Simeon.
Vol 4 p0465 The blessed body was prepared by the women for burial. Among them I remember having seen a daugh­ter of Veronica and John Mark's mother.
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