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Vol 1 p0332 Mary Cleophas ... and the three sons of her first marriage with Alpheus: Simon, James the Less, and Thaddeus ... preferred to follow John the Baptist
Vol 1 p0350 Of the future Apostles, Peter, Andrew, James the Less, and Philip, all disciples of John, carne to hear Jesus.
Vol 1 p0366 Mary Cleophas ... spoke with Jesus that morning of her five sons, and entreated Him to take them into His own service. One was a clerk, or a kind of magistrate, named Simon; two were fishermen, James the Less and Jude Thaddeus
Vol 1 p0389 James the Less, Simon, Thaddeus, John, and James the Greater were present.
Vol 1 p0420 I saw that Simon, James the Less, and Thaddeus, the sons of Mary Cleophas by her deceased husband Alpheus, and Joses Barsabas, her son by her second marriage with Sabas, were baptized by John at Ainon. Andrew and Philip also were baptized by him, after which they returned to their occupations. The other Apostles and many of the disciples had already been baptized.
Vol 1 p0429 Peter, Andrew, Philip, James the Less, Simon, and Thaddeus were there, and many of the subsequent disciples of Jesus.
Vol 2 p0036 Simon, who here had some employment, had with Thaddeus and James the Less, his brothers, gone for the feast to Gennabris, where James the Greater and John were. Lazarus, Saturnin, and Simeon's son came here to meet Jesus, as also the bridegroom of Cana. The last named invited Jesus and all His company to his marriage.
Vol 2 p0037 The sons of Mary Cleophas [one of her sons is James the Less --fjs], Peter, James the Greater, and his brother John had already arrived from Gennabris with others of the future disciples. Chased (Nathanael), Thomas, Bartholomew, and Matthew, however, were not present. But there were many other relatives and friends of the Holy Family who had been invited to Cana for the wedding,
Vol 2 p0051 And yet in all that Jesus said on these subjects, there was nothing that could shock the Jewish ideas on the score of marriage. Some of the Essenian disciples, James the Less for instance, comprehended better than the others the deep significance of His words.
Vol 2 p0078 Jesus taught in Jezrael and performed many miracles before a great concourse of people. All the disciples from Galilee were here assembled to meet Him. Nathanael Chased, Nathanael the bride-groom, Peter, James, John, the sons of Mary Cleophas [James the Less --fjs], all were there.
Vol 2 p0090 Several of the disciples had rejoined Jesus, among them Peter's half-brother Jonathan and the sons of the widows. They numbered, in all, twenty. Peter, Andrew, John, James the Less, Nathanael Chased, and Nathanael the bridegroom had also come. Jesus had directed them to do so that they might hear His instructions and assist Him in His ministrations to the sick, rendered difficult by the turbulence of the multitude.
Vol 2 p0126 Jesus went from Ono with the disciples to the middle place of Baptism, that above Bethabara and opposite Gilgal. There He permitted Andrew, Saturnin, Peter, and James to baptize.
Vol 2 p0127 - 128 Saturnin and one other disciple had come with Jesus to Tyre. Peter, Andrew, James the Less, Thaddeus, Nathanael Chased, and all the disciples that had been with Him at the marriage feast of Cana followed.
Vol 2 p0133 Those called were Peter, Andrew, James the Less, and Nathanael Chased. Although it was already dark, Jesus walked with the four and the two other disciples back to Sichor, but the seven that had not been called returned to Galilee.
Vol 2 p0156 and also because James the Less, His relative and who was then with Him, was an Essenian. They brought all kinds of accusations against them, condemning chiefly their retired life and their celibacy.
Vol 2 p0176 When about two hours distant from Bethoron, they were met by the disciples whom Jesus had appointed to join Him there, and who had arrived at the inn near Bethoron the day before. They were Peter, Andrew, and their half-brother Jonathan, James the Greater, John, James the Less, and Judas Thaddeus, who was with them now for the first time, Philip, Nathanael Chased, also the bridegroom of Cana, and one or two of the widow's sons.
Vol 2 p0250 Jesus landed above Bethsaida not far from the house of the lepers where Peter, Andrew, John, James the Greater, James the Less, and Philip were awaiting His coming. ... Peter's mother-in-law was in bed sick.
Vol 2 p0281 On the following day Jesus was again teaching among the harvesters when Andrew, James, and John arrived. ... The well of Dothain, at which Joseph was sold, was not far from the field in which Jesus was then teaching.
Vol 2 p0291 Jesus with Nathanael, Andrew, James, Saturnin, Aristobolus, Tharzissus, Parmenas, and about four other disciples, went between two to three hours southward through the valleys.
Vol 2 p0319 From Ennon Jesus went with twelve disciples to the Jabok and the neighboring places. Andrew, James, John, and some other disciples remained at Ennon, in order to baptize at the pool of Baptism east of the hill.
Vol 2 p0346 since He left Ennon proceeded caravans of Jews and Gentiles thither in uninterrupted succession, to receive Baptism from the disciples left there for that purpose. Andrew, James the Less, John, and the disciples of John the Baptist were all busy administering Baptism. Messengers were constantly going and coming between them and the imprisoned Baptist.
Vol 2 p0374 Andrew, John, and some of the Baptist's disciples were still here, but James the Less had gone back. The Baptist had again sent messengers to Jesus urging Him to go to Jerusalem and to say openly before the whole world who He was.
Vol 2 p0437 James the Less also had come from Capharnaum for the Sabbath
Vol 2 p0441 Judas Iscariot and many other disciples returned from Dothan to their own homes. Jesus kept with Him only nine, among whom were Thomas, James the Less, Jude Barsabas, Simon Thaddeus, little Cleophas (Nathanael), Manahem, and Saturnin. ... "His disciples are a set of lazy vagrants whom He supports and feasts at the expense of others."
Vol 3 p0004 - 5 Not this James [son of Mary Heli], but James the Lesser, the son of Alpheus and Mary Cleophas, became the first Bishop of Jerusalem.
Vol 3 p0041 But Jesus said: "Matthew, arise, and follow Me!" ... Thaddeus, Simon, and James the Less were particularly rejoiced at his coming. They and Matthew were half brothers. Their father Alpheus, before his marriage with their mother Mary Cleophas, was a widower with one son, Matthew.
Vol 3 p0097 Six of the Apostles continued with Him: Peter, James the Less, John, Philip. Thomas and Judas, besides twelve of the disciples.
Vol 3 p0111 There were in all about a hundred baptized. They stood in the water around a basin. Peter and James the Less baptized, while the others laid their hands on the neophytes.
Vol 3 p0114 Thomas and James the Less went instead of them to Achzib in the tribe of Aser, between ten and twelve hours westward.
Vol 3 p0214 By this time it was evening, and Jesus with Andrew, John, Philip, and James the Less, plunged deeper into the mountains, and there spent the night in prayer.
Vol 3 p0230 I saw Him in the region of Giskala placing The Twelve in three separate rows and revealing to each his own peculiar disposition and character. ... Thaddeus, Bartholomew, James the Less, and the disciple Barsabas, in the second;
Vol 3 p00244 Thomas, Thaddeus, and James the Less went with some of the disciples (the others remaining with Jesus) down to the tribe of Aser. They were allowed to take nothing with them.
Vol 3 p0258 Six of the Apostles again joined Jesus here. They had been to neighboring places east of Caesarea, the others having gone to greater distances. These six were Peter, Andrew, John, James the Greater, Philip, and James the Less. There were many Pharisees here. The synagogue was so crowded that even the standing room was occupied.
Vol 3 p0323 With Him were five Apostles, each of whom had under him ten disciples. I remember having seen on this occasion Judas, James the Less, Thaddeus, Saturnin, Nathanael, Barnabas, Azor, Mnason, and the youths from Cyprus.
Vol 3 p0329 Jesus had with Him now only James the Less, Barnabas, Mnason, Azor, Cyrinus' two sons, and a Cypriote youth whom those last-named had brought to Jesus. All the other Apostles and disciples were scattered throughout the country on missions.
Vol 3 p0000 Text item two.
Vol 3 p0000 Text item two.
Vol 3 p0000 Text item two.
Vol 3 p0000 Text item two.
Vol 3 p0000 Text item two.
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