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Vol 1 p0123 Mary Salome who married Zebedee and gave birth to the future Apostles, James the Greater and John.
Vol 1 p0149 James the Greater and John, were not yet born.
Vol 1 p0324 About an hour's journey from Nazareth toward Sephoris, is a little place called Ophna. There, during the boyhood of Jesus, dwelt the parents of James the Greater and of John. In those early years, they associated with Jesus, until their parents removed to Bethsaida and they themselves went to the fishery.
Vol 1 p0343 Peter, the owner of this fishery, was in one of the huts with Andrew. John and James, with their father Zebedee and several others, were on the boats.
Vol 1 p0389 James the Less, Simon, Thaddeus, John, and James the Greater were present.
Vol 2 p0036 Simon, who here had some employment, had with Thaddeus and James the Less, his brothers, gone for the feast to Gennabris, where James the Greater and John were. Lazarus, Saturnin, and Simeon's son came here to meet Jesus, as also the bridegroom of Cana. The last named invited Jesus and all His company to his marriage.
Vol 2 p0037 The sons of Mary Cleophas, Peter, James the Greater, and his brother John had already arrived from Gennabris with others of the future disciples. Chased (Nathanael), Thomas, Bartholomew, and Matthew, however, were not present. But there were many other relatives and friends of the Holy Family who had been invited to Cana for the wedding,
Vol 2 p0061 - 62 They commanded a view of it upon which they saw Peter, John, and James in their boats. ... John and James, in company with their father, owned a large ship and several small ones.
Vol 2 p0078 Jesus taught in Jezrael and performed many miracles before a great concourse of people. All the disciples from Galilee were here assembled to meet Him. Nathanael Chased, Nathanael the bride-groom, Peter, James, John, the sons of Mary Cleophas, all were there.
Vol 2 p0176 When about two hours distant from Bethoron, they were met by the disciples whom Jesus had appointed to join Him there, and who had arrived at the inn near Bethoron the day before. They were Peter, Andrew, and their half-brother Jonathan, James the Greater, John, James the Less, and Judas Thaddeus, who was with them now for the first time, Philip, Nathanael Chased, also the bridegroom of Cana, and one or two of the widow's sons.
Vol 2 p0180 Andrew, James the Greater, and Saturnin accompanied Him, the others having scattered in different directions. Jesus went to the Well of Jacob, on a little hill in the inheritance of Joseph to the north of Mount Garizim and south of Mount Ebal.
Vol 2 p0191 In one of the larger huts, the Blessed Virgin and Mary Cleophas, the wife of James the Greater, and two of the widows were awaiting Him.
Vol 2 p0204 The widow of Naim, the sister of the wife of James the Greater, had been informed by Andrew and Nathanael of Jesus' near approach, and she was awaiting His arrival.
Vol 2 p0213 Jesus went around Capharnaum to His Mother's dwelling, where about five women together with Peter, Andrew, James, and John were assembled. They went out to meet Him, and there were great rejoicings at His coming and His miracles.
Vol 2 p0215 John replied that he and James had to take care of their parents, and that was more important than the care of a mother-in-law. And so they bandied words freely and jocosely. Jesus observed that the time would soon come when they would give up their present fishing, in order to catch fish of another kind.
Vol 2 p0250 Jesus landed above Bethsaida not far from the house of the lepers where Peter, Andrew, John, James the Greater, James the Less, and Philip were awaiting His coming. ... Peter's mother-in-law was in bed sick.
Vol 2 p0263 At the meal that followed, she helped with the other women and, perfectly recovered, served at table. After that, Jesus, with Peter, Andrew, James, John, and several of the other disciples, went to Peter's fishery on the lake. In the instruction He gave them, He spoke principally of the fact that they would soon give up their present occupations and follow Him.
Vol 2 p0281 They fell upon a knife which cut off their heads. ... It was in this same place that James the Great was executed at a later period.
Vol 2 p0467 Peter, Andrew, James, John, Nathanael Chased, and all the rest of the disciples had come, besides most of John's disciples and the sons of the Blessed Virgin's eldest sister. There were altogether about sixty disciples, friends, and relatives of Jesus here assembled. The more intimate of the disciples were greeted by Jesus with clasping of both hands and pressing cheek to cheek.
Vol 2 p0469 - 470 A few days previously James the Greater, impelled by a feeling of intense compassion for Magdalen, had come to invite her to the preaching soon to take place at Gabara. She had received him at a neighboring house. James was in appearance very imposing. His speech was grave and full of wisdom, though at the same time most pleasing. He made a most favorable impression upon Magdalen, and she received him graciously whenever he was in that part of the country. ... It would be impossible, he said, to see or hear one superior to Him.
Vol 3 p0009 He spoke of the tares among the wheat and of the danger of pulling up the wheat with them. It was principally James the Greater who told Jesus that he and his companions did not understand Him, and he asked Him why He did not speak more clearly.
Vol 3 p0010 James the Greater said also: "Master, why wilt Thou explain all to us who are so ignorant? Why must we publish these things to others? Tell them rather to the Baptist, who believes so firmly who Thou really art. He can publish them, he can make them known!"
Vol 3 p00030 Among the disciples who accompanied Jesus today, James the Greater and Judas Barsabas most frequently put questions to Him, though Peter did so sometimes.
Vol 3 p0036 Jesus entered, taking with Him only Peter, James the Greater, and John. In passing through the court, He said to the mourners: "Why do ye thus lament and weep? Go your way! The damsel is not dead, but only sleeping."
Vol 3 p0043 9. The Final Call of Peter, Andrew, James, and John.
Vol 3 p0044 Jesus went on a little farther up the shore to the ship of Zebedee, who with his sons James and John was mending his nets on the ship. Jesus called the two sons to come to Him. They obeyed immediately and came to land, while Zebedee remained on the ship with his servants.
Vol 3 p0044 Then Jesus sent Peter and Andrew, James and John into the mountains where the heathens were encamped, with the order to baptize all that desired it. He Himself had prepared them for it during the two preceding days.
Vol 3 p0045 James and John up to this period were accustomed to return at intervals to their parents. ... It is understood that the Gospels do not contain the details of Jesus' intercourse with the disciples, but only a short statement of it. This call of the fishermen from their boats to make them fishers of men is there set down as happening at the beginning of His public life, and as the only call that Saints Peter, Andrew, John, and James received. Many of the miracles, parables, and instructions of Jesus are afterward recorded as instance of His power and wisdom, without any reference whatever to their order of time.
Vol 3 p0045 - 6 Peter, Andrew, James and John went to the pagan encampment, and there Andrew baptized. ... and then the disciples recounted the parables they had learned from their Master, spoke of Jesus, His doctrine, and His miracles, and explained to the pagans points of which they were still ignorant regarding the Law and the Promises of God. Peter was particularly animated in his delivery and accompanied his words with many gestures. John and James likewise spoke very beautifully. Jesus meantime was teaching in another valley, and with Him was Saturnin, baptizing.
Vol 3 p0067 Jesus with rapid steps accompanied Jairus to his house. Peter, James, John, Saturnin and Matthew were with Him. ... Jesus left Saturnin and Matthew with the people in the forecourt, while accompanied by Peter, James, and John, the father, the mother, and the grandmother, He entered the room in which the dead girl lay.
Vol 3 p0077 Some of the disciples, Peter, Andrew, John, James and his cousins then went into Magdala, where they delivered the possessed and cured many sick, among others some women attacked by convulsions.
Vol 3 p0137 Toward ten o'clock, Peter, Matthew and James the Greater returned from the Apostles in Upper Galilee.
Vol 3 p0168 Sapha was the birthplace of James and John.
Vol 3 p0230 I saw Him in the region of Giskala placing The Twelve in three separate rows and revealing to each his own peculiar disposition and character. Peter, Andrew, John, James the Greater, and Matthew stood in the first row;
Vol 3 p0233 Peter, John, and James stayed with Jesus, who went about from house to house healing the sick.
Vol 3 p0234 In the afternoon Jesus went with Peter, James, and John to the house of one of the Jewish Elders of the city, a man very well disposed, a friend of Lazarus and Nicodemus, and in secret a follower of Jesus.
Vol 3 p0258 Six of the Apostles again joined Jesus here. They had been to neighboring places east of Caesarea, the others having gone to greater distances. These six were Peter, Andrew, John, James the Greater, Philip, and James the Less. There were many Pharisees here. The synagogue was so crowded that even the standing room was occupied.
Vol 3 p0269 The Twelve stood around Him in a circle. On His right were first, John, then James the Elder, and thirdly, Peter. The disciples stood outside the circle, the oldest of them nearest. Then Jesus, as if resuming the discourse of the preceding night, asked: "Who do men say that I am?"
Vol 3 p0270 They thought that Jesus intended to bestow upon Peter the office of High Priest in His Kingdom, and James told John, as they walked together, that very probably they themselves would receive places next after Peter.
Vol 3 p0296 Taking with Him Peter, John, and James the Greater, He proceeded up the mountain by a footpath.
Vol 3 p0000 Text item two.
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